Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Summer Bored List

We finished our Bored List a while ago but I'm of course only now posting it/printing it out for the kids. These are our summer goals. All of the kids contributed and now each one has a copy to check off. Their's are cuter than this. If we accomplish the entire list we get to go out for a fun night after school starts up again. Some are easy. Some are hard. Some are free and some aren't. Some are completely ridiculous. I don't judge. It's their list. The good news is that when my kids say,"I'm bored!" I know where they can look for ideas: (I'll BOLD the ones we've already checked off)

Bored List
1. go swimming in three different bodies of water 2. read Harry Potter 3. read scriptures 6 nights a week 4. learn a new boardgame with the Youngs 5. Blow bubbles 6. ride bikes 25 times around the circle 7. kids cook dinner 8. watch Spongebob 9. be quiet for an hour 10. dig a hole for trampoline 11. play Club Penguin 12. breakfast for dinner 13. talk to a boy on the phone 14. make mom’s bed 15. eat krispy kreme donuts 16. play on the DS 17. jump on the trampoline 18. go to SONIC 19. Play Wii 20. ride bikes to Gators 21. go night swimming 22. listen to iPod under a tree 23. don’t lie for a whole day 24. don’t tattle for a whole day 25. talk in whispers for one day 26. dance party in the basement 27. go to Six Flags 28. go fishing with real worms 29. See Harry Potter 30. make blackberry pie 31. get alfalfa pellets for the deer 32. ask mom if you can help 33. play with the cats 34. sleep in a tent 35. go to Lagoon 36. make tshirts 37. draw with chalk on the driveway 38. write an email 39. write a letter to jaik 40.learn about an animal 41. do a book report for the library 42. catch fireflies 43. watch Anne of Green Gables 44. blow up a balloon 45. play spy with brady 46. cook smores in the firepit 47. pronounce “Jerusalem” as “Juice-slam!” 48. have mason teach us a mobap song 49. write a love letter 50. don’t kiss anyone besides family for the WHOLE SUMMER 51. go to the dentist 52. sing a song 53. walk to church 54. look for shapes in the clouds 55. babysit for one hour 56. write a story 57. learn the lyrics to a Kina Grannis song 58. teach mason to tie his shoes 59. potty-train preslie 60. stay in jammies all day 61. build a fort 62. sleep in until 9 63. lick the mirror 64. make a video and put it on youtube 65. wash the car 66. win a prize 67. run a 5k 68. go to the cabin 69. play grandpa’s game 70. kiss a dog 71. buy something on ebay 72. paint/color a picture 73. mismatch clothes day 74. climb the rockwall at the Y 75. take a picture 76. get your top score on bejeweled 77. make a play 78. run around the house five times 79. go ice blocking 80. slip-n-slide 81. get a tan 82. whiten our teeth with crest whitestrips 83. a private date with mom and dad 84. do some service 85. sing karaoke 86. learn to say,”hi” in four different languages 87. don’t kill dad 88. cure some cancer 89. invite a different family to BBQ and swim 90. Hawaiian clothes day 91. make a list of 50 things you’re grateful for 92. learn a new trick on the diving board 93. laugh until it hurts 94. say tree something random heart sometime 95. play hide and seek 96. stay up past midnight 97. go to a beach 98. collect something 99. make a baby laugh 100. watch fireworks

Monday, June 1, 2009

Get Well Soon, L'il Fellas

Anyone who knows me knows I love animals. I do. I have many in my house in my care. That is why it makes me so sad to see them suffer. My only hope is that Amy and I can be a glimmer of brightness in what appears to be a really bad day.

Get well Soon.