Friday, March 4, 2011


I'm bored of pregnant.

More Carnage

Another pet gone. I won't go on and on. This is not a dead animal blog. I won't say it was Oscar and he was the best pet I ever had. I won't tell you about how he never left my side the entire time I was sick. How he went in to bathroom with me when I puked and down to the fridge with me to eat some of Darlene's pie at 2am. That every time I blogged he was sitting behind me on my chair. I won't tell you that he slept by me for ten years. Because this is not a dead pet blog.

I will tell you that I am weak-hearted and have had a very hard time. It's been two weeks and I still cry. What a baby I am. I guess I'm a crazy cat lady. He didn't come to bed one night and then I never saw him again. He had kidney disease and probably wandered off to die. That's part of the problem. I just don't know. Maybe he was translated.

Maybe I replaced him with a maniac himalayan kitten. We named him Hinckley so he will be cute, wise and live forever.