Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Given this land if we live righteously!

I love politics.
I hate politics.
Because of the political storm I spend a lot of time listening to talk radio and watching the news.
Because of the political storm, I rarely get on Facebook or read many of the blogs I used to.
I can get so depressed. I get so fired up! I want to yell and shake people! I want to prove that I AM RIGHT. Which is funny because that's wrong. It's pride. So I'm in a pickle (Did the Cardinals secure the wild card spot last night? I fell asleep before the end of the Dodgers game . . . never mind) As I was saying, I'm in a pickle. Caught between wanting to share what I believe to be right (which is right) and wanting to share that I am right about the right being righter than the left (which is wrong). Right?

So we have the BIG DEBATE tonight and I have been a mess. I have a heart condition left over from the radiation and I swear my heart wants to implode every time I think about Romney up against Obama tonight. Obama is a scary competitor because he doesn't have an obligation to the truth. He's the kid saying he'll put a free soda machine in the cafeteria and no homework ever again! How does one go up against that? I can't stop thinking about it. Luckily, I'm also cleaning out my storage room which is also scary but it gives me time to listen to the Book of Mormon. I did something similar to this earlier this year and found that it just is the most peaceful way to get through something as awful as me being a candidate for HOARDERS.

Isn't it funny that a book written 1500 years ago can have so much to tell us about our day? It never ceases to amaze me. How could these people know what to include to give us hope and faith in our vastly different day? Part of the answer is that our day isn't vastly different. The cycles that happened throughout that book are happening now. And situations that happened then are recurring. And it is my belief that one of those instances will replay tonight.

I believe we have the chance to see a miracle. The Lord is not asleep or playing racquetball. This is His chosen land where freedom will prevail as long as there are enough righteous people willing to work to preserve it. As long as we haven't been lulled to sleep by the philosophies of men. All is not well in Zion. So will this be the time that we wake up, repent and save ourselves? Or will the majority choose evil and make us ripe for destruction. These are SO Book of Mormon days!!!

Yes, I said EVIL. In our politically correct times, there are people whose fingers are twitching to write a scathing response even now as they read this. How dare I?! I'll tell you how. Because truth doesn't manipulate itself to fit into an awkward politically correct shape. Truth is truth and sometimes it cuts.

We came to this earth to work. By the sweat of our brow we make our bread. We are to learn to choose good. To choose charity and to help the people around us. To choose for ourselves what we do, how we spend our money, what we eat and who we help. If we are Christian, we are to stand up and say so. Commandments put forth in the Bible are still in effect today. We are not ashamed.

Our current administration would have us believe otherwise. I do believe they are scratching away at our freedoms one by one and looking to put us into bondage by allowing the government control as much of our lives as possible. They would love to tell us what we can and can't do with our religions. What we can and can't do for our children. What our businesses can or can't do. There ARE bad people in the world that make bad choices, but that is no reason to take away our chances to choose for ourselves. This land is a place consecrated as a land of freedom and the Constitution is a divinely-inspired document not to be torn or trampled underfoot. Kingmen.

It's just all so familiar. But also is the instance where the cunning man, wise as to the wisdom of the world, the lawyer who is expert and uses much flattery to lead away the people comes up against a man of God. That man of God may be old or weak in speaking. Or maybe he's got perfect hair and is well-spoken but a bad debater. What matters is that he has the Spirit. If he has the Spirit, he will confound the wicked. (Ooooh! I hope Obama asks for a sign! Do it, I dare you! . . . I guess that's not very Christ-like.)

I believe Mitt Romney is a man of God. He is a good, prayerful Christian man who has lived by the Spirit his whole life. He has heard the Spirit ask him to help people around him and he is never too tired or too busy to answer. He doesn't want the stories told, but if you look for them, you will find them. They told a few at the Republican convention. Here is an article with a few. More were told on the Blaze. They are videos of people telling about their various encounters with Romney.  Watch them and see if you think he is good.

So if he is good and God is not asleep, then tonight will be an amazing night. Tonight Romney will come off as good to those who have enough light left to see it. Does it mean he will win? No. He might, and I pray he does. I think he has to do well either way because when we write the scriptures of our day, we need to be able to say that it came to pass that the people were given a clear choice of whom to follow - to once again choose between liberty or captivity.

Fast and pray oft over the next few weeks. i have joined a group called SWARM and they are hosting a 40 Days of Fasting. I have signed up for the 25th of October. Join me?