Friday, March 4, 2011

More Carnage

Another pet gone. I won't go on and on. This is not a dead animal blog. I won't say it was Oscar and he was the best pet I ever had. I won't tell you about how he never left my side the entire time I was sick. How he went in to bathroom with me when I puked and down to the fridge with me to eat some of Darlene's pie at 2am. That every time I blogged he was sitting behind me on my chair. I won't tell you that he slept by me for ten years. Because this is not a dead pet blog.

I will tell you that I am weak-hearted and have had a very hard time. It's been two weeks and I still cry. What a baby I am. I guess I'm a crazy cat lady. He didn't come to bed one night and then I never saw him again. He had kidney disease and probably wandered off to die. That's part of the problem. I just don't know. Maybe he was translated.

Maybe I replaced him with a maniac himalayan kitten. We named him Hinckley so he will be cute, wise and live forever.


Lexi said...

This makes me sad in what's left of my cold dead heart. It really does. That was a good cat. I remember you telling me about him being with you when you were sick. I'm so sorry.

I'm glad raja hasn't died yet though, I'd hate to lose dad again.

Melanie said...

Oh Shelby, I'm so sorry. You've had him longer than any pet ever! I'm so sorry that you're so sad!
(0) (0) (0)....those are my internet hugs.

Tami G. said...

Lexi's so funny. I am sorry too. I wish you could teach me to love animals. We have one dog and it's the only pet we've ever had and I hate her. I think it might keep me out of the celestial kingdom.