Monday, February 8, 2010


I wish I could post a bunch of pics, but alas, I forgot my camera.


Katie Price said...

why does vacation without the pressure to take pictures of everything sound like heaven to me? it's obvious i'm no blood related to any of you. although i still love you. i hope you had fun.

Lexi said...

Yeah the talent for taking pictures is only in 2/3 of the price family girls. I suck at it.

Where did you leave your camera? Home or there?

Amy K said...

At least you know up front that you won't be coming home with any pictures. Now you can just enjoy!! My camera disappeared the last day of our Maui trip. I took all those fabulous pictures and one will ever believe that I "saw a full circle rainbow from above the clouds while para-gliding over the Maui coastline." Wish I had lost it the first day so I wasn't so heart-broken.
Hey! Take heart. What happens in Hawaii, stays in Hawaii!!