Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Shark Week, everyone!

And to those of you who don't celebrate for religious or other reasons - merry large fish holiday. We DO celebrate in our family. We celebrate the 3rd eyelid of a tiger shark and the fact that they are the trash compactor (merry recycler to you greens) of the seas. We root for the rubbery mass of sawing teeth that jump 10 feet out of the water instead of the big brown-eyed furry cuteness it's trying to eat. We draw sharks, we hope of sharks, and we eat fish all week.

To celebrate this year, beyond the usual watching of all things cartilaged-fish, we did more. On Wednesday, the Young Women from my church came over for a Shark Week pool party. We wore fins on our heads (or tried to) and hunted down 100 gold fish that mysteriously were in there. It was a way we could swim a mile in a shark's shoes. Empathy. It was really frustrating to be chasing a fish only to have it dart out of reach at the last second! (87 of the fish reside happily in the pond now - a much better life than that of normal feeder fish)

Friday was Ultimate Sharkalicious Meganight. It was so Mega that my aunt Rosemary and cousin Adrienne drove two days to be here for it. Nicki made Ultimate Extreme Super Shark cupcakes with the kids - they only took about 5 hours. We ate fish tacos and made our own Shark Week t-shirts. Jaymeson rigged up a projector and screen outside and we were able to watch AIR JAWS from the pool with all the lights out. And Mythbusters Shark Edition:
  • Tickling a shark's snout WILL hypnotize him.
  • Magnets DO freak them out.
  • Playing dead doesn't work and you probably won't have enough sense to poke a shark's eyes out while being eaten.
It gives you such a warm feeling to know the true meaning of Shark Week and even more - to apply it in your own lives.


Emily said...

You are fabulous in the fabulousest of ways.

shel7by said...

that was the fastest comment ever. I deem you Extreme Air Emily III.

Toria said...

I love this and I love you.
Didn't we always talk about watching a scary shark movie from the swimming pool as one of ourawesome date nights back in the day?
the goldfish in the pool was genius.

by the way- have you discovered the blog 'Don't do dumb things' It's pretty funny and they just celebrated shark week too.

MH72 said...

I didn't even know of Shark Week until now :-) But thanks to you and google I know now...!!!

Funny. Just too funny. I love all the great things you did. Fish in the pool. F.U.N.N.Y.!!!!

Adrienne said...

As Tracy Jordan once said, "Live every week like shark week." I think I'll live every week like YOUR shark week. I'm stealing your pictures.

Amy K said...

What in the world is Shark Week?

Amy K said...

Oh. I got it. Awesome.
I've been inspired.

Sharks are too scary for me, though. Do they have like Penguin Week,or Rainbow Unicorn Week?

Glad you had such a blast. Wish I was there to celebrate with you. Sort of.

Miss you.

Melanie said...

Shark does your body good! Hello Hot stuff! You look great! In fact... Your lookin' fine, and Your lookin' fine, I'd ask you to sit down, but as you can arms are full!

Oh yeah, and I love Sharks too.


Josh Healy said...
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