Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sienna's birthday is Friday. She has a youtube channel and she gets so excited when she sees that people watched any of them. At any given moment she can tell you how many viewers any video has. Somebody she didn't know commented on one and she was dancing around the house.

SO... if you guys would watch a few OR just set them to go without watching so it shows up as a view, that'd be awesome. ALSO, maybe put a link on your facebook asking people who are strangers to her to leave a comment? Or subscribe? I can't put it on mine because I'm friends with some of her friends and she'd find out.

Anyway, it'd be her happiest birthday week ever.

Thanks in advance!

Here's a link to her channel:

And here's a few of my favorites:

This one she made with a bunch of videos Preslie made of herself (with some Sisi added)

This one is not for wusses. It scares me.

Superheros with some weirdo powers.

And finally . . . i don't know what to say about this one. I promise they weren't on drugs. It makes zero sense and yet it's my favorite.


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