Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PET Scan

Shelby is getting her PET scan on Wednesday and doesn't get the results until Thursday. I am sure she could use your thoughts and prayers these next few days that all goes well and that they don't find a single thing and that she is still cancer free. I know she just heads through this kind of stuff alone all the time because she doesn't want to worry any of us - but sometimes I think it's nice to know so that we can keep her in our prayers. They don't think there is reason to believe that anything is back - it's just a routine scan, but I know we always worry until we know for sure. Thanks!


MarySue said...

Count on my love and prayers!!! It's truly lovely that you look out for that little sister Melanie.

Lorie said...

Saying a prayer that the test results are clear!

Shawn H. said...

You're in our prayers, Shelby.

Anonymous said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you today... much love

Anonymous said...

Worry is not preparation.
Lisa B.