Saturday, September 6, 2008

You think . . .

You think you locked me out of here, but you did not. Just and FYI to be nice and kind to me and send me chicks and rabbits in the mail the day after Valentines day.


The Awesome Allens said...

Shelby my friend! I miss you 2! :( It was so fun getting to know you better this weekend. Next time you come down we are going to go to lunch or something. :) Seriously Shelby, you are an amazing example to me. Have the best day!

shel7by said...

oohhh. how'd you do that? i want those now.

Melanie said...

How did I do what? Get a picture of chicks and rabbits or get back on your blog? I don't think you can kick me off a blog I created and as for the picture . . maybe I have a secret stash.

Natalie said...

first of all you have a sister that can sneak on your blog every so often to do a funny post that keeps your blog new and fresh when you are galavanting across the country at scrappy conventions. I am alone in this blogging journey so forgive me if I have a month between posts. ppppchhhh.

second how is your mom doing? i heard that she moved to Utah about 12 years ago. Wow. time flies.

third write something new.

fourth, i feel honored that you looked at my blog on a non-Thursday. Thank you.