Friday, May 1, 2009


(Apology to those who follow both Melanie's and my blog, the pics are the same because I took ZERO pictures)

There are those who seek joy and those that create it. My sister Melanie is the latter. We finished our half marathon last weekend. Melanie PR'd it. I LOVE'd it. I didn't even notice the first six miles. We just laughed and mocked and ran and walked. We drank Cytoplasm and ate sliced fruit from unwashed hands. We made it halfway without incident. 

This is us at the half-half:

Still happy, but getting tired. Time for Beans.

Beans, Beans - the magical fruit
the more you eat
the more you HOOT!
The more you high-five anything with a face or paw or hand
the better you feel
so let's have beans for every meal!!

I have carefully worked at building a caffeine-immunity over the years (just in case) but the same cannot be said for one Melanie Wellman. She couldn't have been crazier if she was drunk on being high. "How're ya doin'? How're ya doin'? How're ya doin'? How're ya doin'? How're ya doin'? I've had BEANS!!!!!!" For the next six and a half miles, Melanie (and sometimes myself out of peer pressure and the desire to not be left behind and mostly for a "drafting" effect, really) zig-zagged between the edges of the race high-fiving anything with some sort of an appendage. She smacked hands, posters, cups, little infant hands, faces, dog paws and police officers. She leapt, she twirled, she dodged. She pushed people from behind while shouting her mantra "We can do hard things! Come on!" By the time we made it to the end, my Nike+ said we had gone 15.5 miles instead of the 13.1 we set out for. Seriously. I would have died right there but it seemed like a lot of work. She, on the other hand, began to run around with complimentary bananas sticking out of her ears.

Because of the spectacle, we were easily able to find the rest of our crew all of whom had finished before us (of course, they only went 13.1 miles... I'm just sayin'). Sara came all the way from Hawaii to run with us and then flew right back. How's that for love? I feel I have no choice but to return the favor (minus any running) and will do so next week. (Swine flu cancelled our cruise). Jeff and Jamey came and ran it, too. Jamey might have won - i can't remember. he was very fast. I still can't believe this happened. When I get my flux-capacitor fixed, I'm going back about 10 years to tell us all that we're doing this so I can watch us laugh and laugh. I felt much love. I wish I could be with all of my family and friends every day. That truly is heaven.

Jeff Wellman, Self, Mel, Sara Bosler, Little Jaymee and Big Jamey.

Lexi couldn't run because she fractured her ankle training. (We'll do another one another time.)But she came to cheer and laugh at us. Mom came out because she wanted to cheer us on and also because she can't resist a hotel room - she says they're "sexy". In fact, she paid for the rooms. Everyone pitched in so much and helped make this possible. I am extremely humbled. We raised over $4,000 for Team in Training. I'm sure that it's the lucky dollars that will pay for a CURE!!

Special thanks to all who donated:

Rob and Kathy Frazier 
Lisa Adams Bohne 
Jason and Jennifer Knight 
Canyon Springs Dental 
Ruth Butler 
Lori Nally 
Jodi Gilray 
Mike & Emily Crowton 
Tyson Price 
Cliff & Eileen Henkel 
Ted LeNeave 
Cal Darrow 
The Cima Family 
Alan & Nancy Dickson 
Maegen Martineau 
Jeremy & Sara White 
Brittany Atkinson 
Harmon and Lindsey Tobler 
SPencer and Louise Price 
Apryl Munoz 
Emily McLean 
Christine Holland 
Annette Miller 
suzanne marchesano 
Sara Pack 
Rod & Kandace 
Keri Peterson 
Brent Stoddard 
Marianne Husted 
Sherrie Burt 
Morrow Family 
Emily Price 
Karen Wellman 
Laura Wellman 
Vivian Gardner 
Rita Mueller 
Katie Price 
Karen & Collins Petitt 
Megan Bird 
Jessica Mandile 
Jennifer Crotts 
Shaunna Leavitt 
Dondra Norton 
Barb Jensen 
Stacia Dorny 
heather ives 
Jennifer Hoy 
Angela Cowden 
Pamela Caudill 
Lisa Brennan 
Michele Boyer 
Kristy Munoz 
Teresa Watson 
Tamara Wyatt 
Toni Huskey 
Heidi & Sean Bishop 
Andrea Stroud 
The Noorlander Family 
Christy Hiniker 
Summer Haught 
NAtalie Kidd 
April Leonard 
April Allen 
Troy Slaugh 
Sam Buntin 
Leslie Moon 
Jill Bryce 
Lisa Hardin 
Kathy Nevin 
Chrysta Wellman 
Tamara Gordon 
Cheryl Wellman 
jennette farley 
Amie Haroldsen 
Kristine Barkdull 
Shirlene D. Burt 
Dahlene Mullins 
Amy Waite 
Tiffany Jones 
Suzi Williams 

There are people on that list that we have never met. There are people on that list who don't have an extra dollar but donated anyway. There are people whom I haven't seen since high school. I can't think about it without feeling like I'm going to burst. Thank you. Thank you. I have never felt so loved in all my life.


Melanie said...

What a crazy and fun post. You win. I will copy and paste this on my blog now. You are the best. We love you so much! Can't you tell??

Karen said...

love that top photo especially. true joy is accomplishing something hard...with friends/family. Yay!!!

Tami G. said...

I agree with what you said about friends and family every day and heaven. I'm way proud of you.

Tys-Price said...

I love the picture at the top. It really says 1000 things.. from "Screw you cancer" to "Unconditional Love".. Love the story about the beans, too!


shelby your amazing! I especially think so right now because I am trying to train for my little run and can't pass the 2.5 mile block. I need your running secrets! the beans and Cytomplasm?, I might need some extra energy. your such an inspiration and I am envious of your bonding time with your family!

Toria said...

congratulations! So fun and so funny at the same time! you're inspiring!

Douglas said...

Hey! Too bad you couldn't come for preview day! I love popping in to read your blog, sorry that I rarely comment. Love your sense of humor! Love your inspiration factor! You are the best!

Rod and Kandace said...

You need to tell me more race tips (like the beans). I am so nervous I'll poop out before finishing...HELP!

Way to go by the way! You are inspiring!

Jen said...

This is so inspiring. I wanted to donate, but didn't. No excuses other than I didn't and shame on me . . . seriously.

Dahlene said...

Yay Melanie and Shelby. I would have loved to have been there. Sounds like you had a blast!