Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Epic Summer: FLORIDA

Erik & Brittany

We went to church only to find out it was stake conference and just getting over. Still counts?

Ells Bells and Ms. P

We pretty much had to sleep this way to fit us all in condo, but that's what family is all about, right?

Arrgghh. We took our kids on a pirate ship. Mason got to "mop the boat". Dreams do come true.

Look at his stomach. He's five. Ridiculous.

So late June, We drove down to the panhandle for some sand (via Atlanta). We stayed in a condo with Brittany (Jaymee's sister) and Grandma Jinky. Shane (jaym's bro) and his family came down for a couple days, too. It was a great place. We spent the entire week swimming at the beach and then going back to swim at the hotel. The sand is like powdered sugar. White and soft. They have Sonic AND Krispy Kreme donuts there. What's not to like? We ate much crab. We did much boogie boarding and got stung by many jelly fishes. Tiny ones. They floated like bubbles but stung like a bee. A hive of bees. But the sting didn't last and we decided it was worth it. Same time next year?

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Melanie said...

Looks like it was tons of fun! Except for the crab up your nose...okay, that looks like fun too! So sorry to have missed it!