Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Recipe

It seems like with all of the new diet "low-fat", low-cal" foods hitting the market these days, not to mention the increase in exercise happening all around that some people are not getting their daily nutritional value of both fats and sugars. Over the summer I tried really hard to be conscious of maintaining and even exceeding my daily values in these areas. I have been successful to the tune of 13 pounds. Impressive, I know. All it took was being a little more careful about how much green food I ate and trying harder to fit in those foods containing whole cubes of butter.

It's not hard. Here's a recipe to get you started:

1/2 cup butter
1 yellow cake mix
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup oats (so you can justify the rest)

Mix in your lime green kitchenaid until crumbly - as if you were going to use it for the topping of a peach or apple crisp. Next, being sure to scrape down the sides as you go, use a spoon to scoop all the crumbs carefully into your face. Repeat until bowl is empty.


Melanie said...

Food is for loving.

go boo boo said...

If I hadn't already made ice cream and we weren't going to a party, I would start making this (and eating it) right now! Maybe after the party.

go boo boo said...
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Anonymous said...

It looks delicious! Can I come over and share have a piece?!


Kathryn Sutton said...

I've noticed a similar weight fluctuation. I must be a good cook!!!

chanel said...

looks good!
hi BFF ... seems we have more in common than what i thought! so we can share recipes too ... i cannot guarantee that they will be low-fat (but if you think they are ... they are! that is what i believe! wink~!)
we have some friends staying from NZ, we took them out in our boat for a cruize up the Brisbane River ... was fun! They have 2 girls so with our 3 girls they are having a great time.
My prayers were answered ... no jetlag, and basically a fabulous trip ... so blessed!
hope to get back running this week ... will be fun to keep each other motivated!
bye for now!
luv chanel

Natalie said...

sounds like we're on the same diet. i'll make these tomorrow. phew, i was running out of fattening recipes! thanks shelby!

Adrienne said...

I feel like you should see this. Please let me know what color of underwear you think I should wear when I get pregnant, move out to live with you, and then have a similar shoot. I wouldn't want my baby to be deprived of this kind of family love.


This is not a joke, mind you.

shel7by said...

i love the gun plus belly. that is both new and exciting. but we can do better than that. maybe we can take some pictures of you committing various crimes while showing your belly. robbing a bank? jaywalking? please bless that I can be the person with the weird face next to your belly. it's all i ask.