Friday, May 23, 2008

my biggest fears

I consider myself a pretty tough and independent gal. I can do almost anything if I have to. Most the time I have to. I don't think there are killers in my garage waiting to kill me. I can sleep with the door unlocked. I don't think my kids are going to be kidnapped. I could do most of the stuff on Fear Factor. And yet, I'm not immune to nightmares or stupid worries. The new house is making me face most of my fears.

My biggest fears are these (in random order):

1. sharks
2. scorpions and poisonous spiders
3. my kids drowning
4. eating with a metal spoon out of a metal bowl
5. my kids being spoiled
6. Telling big floor-layers they have to redo things
7. wal*mart
8. listening to my little brothers slurp cereal... i don't know if this is still one, but it used to be.

My kids were shouting that there was a spider in the bathtub with them yesterday and I said,"just a second!!!"
"But Mom, it's a BIG one!"
"OK! I'm coming already, sheesh!"

There was indeed a big brown spider in the tub with Camryn and Preslie. I caught it with some tissue and it crawled out and came after me. I'm not kidding. I threw it in the sink before it got on my hand. I went to brush it into the drain and it came running towards my hand. It was aggressive like how scorpions are. I killed it and got a total case of the creeps. Spiders don't usually bother me - unless they are my childhood nemesis - the black widow. This one really creeped me out because it wanted to get me. I looked it up on the internet and it was a BROWN RECLUSE! You can tell because it has a perfect little violin on it's back. Have you seen the damage these guys can do? If one of your fears isn't looking at gross-out pictures, look up "brown recluse bites". Their venom is flesh-eating and you can lose limbs from it. I'm unhappy that one was swimming with my babies. I can't stop thinking about it. Shiver shiver.


Katie Price said...

Thank you so much for that five days before I leave for Brazil. Those pictures are sick.

Katie Price said...

This is Travis_Welcome to my freaking world! We had these things all over the place in Curitiba. My last comp got bit. They are nasty horrible creatures. I am very sorry for you. Sorry and terrified.

Jen said...

How scary! I would seriously freak out. I know another thing you don't like. I remember you used to hate it when Tracy would bite her spoon when eating cereal :)

Melanie said...

Kill me. I am never coming to see you because I AM scared of killers hiding in the garage (or worse - hiding in the creepy forest down by the lake in the backyard). I CAN'T sleep with the door unlocked. I'm SURE my kids are going to be kidnapped and murdered and I couldn't even drink a chocolate shake in fast enough time to beat someone drinking pig liver puree on Fear Factor.
One night at Grandma Marge's there were two scorpions on her ceiling and she knocked them down with a broom and then chased them around with her shoe until she killed them and I just stood in the corner petrified and had the total creeps all night and EVERY time I have gone to that house since then. Now that I KNOW this was in your house - I'm already having an anxiety attack. I think I'll go take a Vistaril now. Thanks.

Nancy said...

Casey got out of the shower, grabbed a towel with a brown recluse on it and it bit her and then attached to her eyelash. She did the spider cleansing dance, but had enough presence of mind to trap it with a glass. Luckily, she called JR home from work and they went straight to a doctor. Unbelievably, that doctor had studied under a "venom specialist", could identify the spider and knew how to treat her. She had a badly swollen face for a while, but did not lose half her face from the bite of an unknown spider.

You need to have your house sprayed by a great pest control company. Brown recluse are worse than the black widows and scorpions you and sissy Melanie have always been afraid of. I saw sick Grandma Scorpion get stung on the hand by a scorpion and not make a big deal of it!

Glad now got hurt this time!

Nancy said...

Glad no one got hurt this time!

Anonymous said...

Props for using a pic from Nebraska....

MH72 said...

OMG ever since I read this (and looked at the photoes...) I have dreamt of the brown spider. I am pretty sure we haven't got any in Denmark but who knows??!!!
I might be going to the US in a couple of weeks (business trip) and I just hope I have forgotten about this post before I go **LOL**

Anonymous said...

Just call the bug people that drive bug cars. They probably planted that thing so they could get a little bug work from the Stroud family.
All will be safe in your world...
Lisa B.

Cheryl said...

I've also been having spider nightmares. I think I might just give the house back. Of course they're probably everywhere out there so maybe you'd just have to move to arizona.

Tonya said...

Once we were taking a trip and had loaded all of our bags and godzilla double stroller in our van and headed to the airport. As we arrived at the airport, we unloaded the bags and then I opened up the double stroller to load the kids in. As I opened it, I discovered a good size BLACK WIDOW perching on her nice little web that covered the entire front seat of the double stroller. I freaked out, and everyone passing by got to witness the "there's a spider and it's scaring the crap out of me" dance.
It made my skin crawl everytime I thought of that spider riding with us all to the airport!!!!

So, I feel for you, and I understand!

Toria said...

OK, how funny, I just got on here to leave a comment and tell you thank you because that spider haunted my dreams a couple times last week What is hilarious is that it sounds like you effected a couple other peoples' dreams as well!

How are you? We need to catch up via email or phone sometime soon. Glad you found a beautiful house- spiders and all, good thing some young college bug boy will soon be knocking on your door. Hopefully he can solve the problem!

Lexi said...

Uh, I might not ever see this house, either. grossssss! We looked up brown recluses when we thought we'd caught one last's totally sick.

I get the jeebs just thinking about that. jeebs jeebs jeebs!

Nancy wanted you to get hurt. right now.

Andrea said...

I'll remember to bring nets and full body suits when we come visit.

Anonymous said...

Spiders is definately on my list!...ever since girls camp. Way to many spiders and Aracniphobia in the Lodge. (Thanks Chris!)
My mom watched the moth-man prophicies all by herself one night. When she went into her bathroom she found the biggest moth she'd ever seen, like the size of a grown-man's hand. She thought, "if you can really read my thoughts fly at me right now". The second she had finished thinking it, it flew right at her face. She's terrified that Moths can really read your mind.
-Melanie S.