Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Trip to Europe!

Phew. I finally have a second to tell about my fabulous vacation. It was so so fun and I'm so glad that I went. The food was excellent and the company was divine. I loved Italy the most - so I will post all my Italy pictures today and then I can post the rest later.

Here are Jaymeson and I in Southern Italy. I think my brother served in this city of Catania. The ice cream here was the best!

I couldn't get enough to EAT - really. I gained like 35 lbs. while I was there. We had dinner this night with a lady that looked JUST like my mom. It was so freaky. Also, when you order pizza there - they give each person their own pizza! Crazy!

When we went to the Vatican, Jaymeson decided to try on this little outfit. He is the funnest husband. How I adore him!

Right here in a church in Rome, Jaymeson proposed to me and asked if I would marry him all over again!!! What a stud. "Of course, of course!" I screamed. (And THIS time - he's almost rich!)

But first I had to convert to Catholicism.

We looked so good and it was so fun that we decided to do it twice.

I loved Rome. So much to see and so ROMANTIC!!

In Florence we saw the David. As an artist it was so beautiful that it brought me to tears.

I bought a picture by a local artist and he signed it! I think I'll have it framed and give it to Melanie to hang in her boys room.

Really, I picked grapes in Tuscany!!!

And then we went to Sienna and I watched the most famous horse race in the country. What a view I had!

Venice was everything I dreamed it would be.

I found a new use for the Europian Bidet. It was a total soother for sore, tired feet.
I am so grateful that I went on this fabulous vacation. The only thing that would have made it would have been if my favorite sister in the whole world, Melanie Wellman would have been able to go with me. Boo hoo. Maybe next time.


Tami G. said...

Man, that was so annoying and confusing, until I saw who posted it. And then I laughed.

Jamey said...

Dang shel that looks like so much fun! next time you have to take me with you!!!

Katie Price said...

You are the most off th wall not normal person I've ever met. But that definitely makes you kind of fun. Freaking Jamey and Melanie. Ha ha.

Cheryl said...

I wondered how shelby got all your pictures. :)

MH72 said...

Too much fun :-))))

Katie Price said...

bwah ha ha. i love melanie.

amy k said...

Tears are streaming down my face I am laughing so hard.

Natalie said...

That is so freakin funny!!! Thanks for the laugh...a month overdue!
Yes I love exclamation marks!!!!!