Monday, January 26, 2009

Red Fashion

When Camryn was two, she told everyone her name was Red Fashion. She wore a nasty tinkerbell costume and one glove (her "bakka") every day. When she was three, she said," A bad guy told me yesterday,'You have a beautiful heart!' and I told him,'Yes, but you can't have it, sneaky!" She's toned things down a little, but I still see a little of Red Fashion now and then. Like this recent entry in her school journal:

I look around and I couldn't see anything.
I found the glasses that I'm wharing.
I live in a house.
I got kicked out of the party.
I heared a small sound.
I can live without sugar.
I don't like a cow.
How do you do the splits.
Right now I am happy.
I almost never use my mouth during school.
I always have a eye brow in my eye.


Rod and Kandace said...

What a funny girl...RED FASHION!

Kathryn Sutton said...

I miss Red Fashion.

karen said...

aha! but she CAN live without sugar. I wonder what her entry would say now . . . ;0)

Adrienne said...

Ha ha ha! I love this. I hope my kids are funny like this. I don't want any of the boring kind.

ABlack said...

Hi Shelby, I'm a friend of your sister Melanies. I just had to comment about Red Fashion, it reminds me a lot of Natalie Kidds daughter Lennon. You'll have to ask her about 'Fresh Horn'! =)Priceless.

go boo boo said...

That is awesome! I love awesome clever girls.

Natalie said...

um...ahlena is right. lennon and red fashion b.f.f. that was cute!

Melanie said...

adrienne better not have children. They are going to be the boringest kids ever.

Mallory said...

This is Adrienne's friend, I met you at Gordon's viewing and told you I was obsessed with you. I read your blog a lot, but not in a creepy way. I had to comment on Red Fashion because this is the best child I could come up with, so hilarious. I can't imagine what Adrienne's children will be like.