Thursday, January 15, 2009

There's a Run in my Nose

Brrr. When I woke up this morning I could see my breath. I thought,"I knew it would be cold, but this is ridiculous!" When I forced myself out of bed it was all I could do to not climb back in and never get out. What the heck? I went to the thermostat which said it was 48° in my house. Yikes! It was below zero outside, so I guess I wasn't a pioneer, but yikes, right? I reset the system and nothing happened. I took warm clothes up to my kids and proceeded to dress them under the covers. Hats, scarves, legwarmers. They were still cold eating their breakfast of Life and shivers. I went down and flipped some toggles in the control room... ok, the switchbox... to no avail. Freezoid. So I took the big kids to school and came back to see if there was maybe a pilot light out or something? I am dumb in the ways of furnaces. Forgive. Instead, I found a bunch of Mason's junk at the base of the furnace and every switch in the "off" position. When did he do that? I should try watching my kids sometimes. Brrrr and also grrrr.

One way to get warm is to run. (What a transition. That one's for you, Mr. Jeffries.) Melanie and Lexi have decided to join me in Nashville for the half-marathon in April. Awesome. And crazy. I'm glad they signed up before they realized that only crazies run. We all have the Nike+ thingies and we are racing. I'm losing. It's pretty frustrating to be the only one who has run and to be the slowest, but instead of anger or jealousy - I'M SO HAPPY!! I can't describe the feeling of crossing that line. I can't wait to see them do it!! I get a little teary thinking about it. We Prices aren't an athletic bunch. Put us in a parking lot with any other family and at the "race you to the car!" shout, we stand with our arms in the air: "We give. We cannot run to the car." So this is quite a thing they are doing.

Check out my little runner chick on the side. I went a whole half mile on my last run. I'm hoping putting her on here will make me more accountable.

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Katie Price said...

How bout I commit to....cheering you on and holding my one month old? Is that okay? You guys can all be fit and I'll just usual self.

One more reason I know I was meant to be a Price.