Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things About Camryn

While I couldn't bring myself to do this about me, here are some things Cams would have us know about her... and also it means I don't have to write it down somewhere else. Why all the focus on Camryn? I'm not sure. Maybe it's my way of finding reasons not to put her in time out for the rest of her life. She's a little tricky... ok, more like just plain MEAN to me. But not all of the time and I do love her very much. She got her hair cut today and it's so cute that I'm in love again. Yes, I'm that shallow.

(These are what she told me today)
  1. She used to be red fashion, but now she's Red Fashion. (Capitalization used for emphAsis)
  2. She doesn't like shows that talk to her like Dora or Little Einsteins because even if you say the wrong answer, they say,"THAT'S RIGHT!!" They don't know what you're thinking. How could they?
  3. Her favorite food is a pumpkin shake made with Splenda. Splenda is her best friend. Ha ha ha. No it's not! You can't be friends with powder!
  4. The thing that annoys her the most is when people sing when she's mad.
  5. She says it's easy to tell if someone is cool because they are usually wearing blue. People who aren't cool wear crazy stuff. She never said she was cool.
  6. She believes a bad doctor is someone who gives caffeine to somebody who has a really hurt toe because then they are going to have to stay awake and feel it.
  7. She asked us yesterday if we were "republican, democrat or hippocrat".
  8. When she grows up she wants to be a geologist because she has "been loving rocks pretty much [her] whole life".
  9. She knows tons of basketball tricks.
  10. She has never played basketball.
  11. She likes to start speaking like this,"this is my opinion so don't say ANYTHING when I'm done..."
  12. She picks her clothes out according to what she wants to be that day. To be a spy she wears all black. To be a rock star, she wears stripes. If she wants to be a cheerleader, she wears a skirt and shirt that are the same color - or close - like red and pink.
  13. The worst thing ever is Tanner at school.
  14. The best thing ever is either when she had a pumpkin shake or got a really big crystal.
  15. She got the "Character Builder" award at school for self-control.
  16. She has no self-control.
  17. "Aren't you gonna ask me what my favorite tree is? Because it's a conifer."
  18. Sometimes she "beeps" for no good reason.
  19. She can't have sugar but if she could she'd have a chocolate chip cookie with white chocolate chips. She doesn't care that she can't have Hershey bars. Yuck.
  20. She's really good at math. The hardest problem she can do in her head is probably 48 x 80. She doesn't know what the answer is, though.
  21. Her favorite part of her body is... wait! no! Don't put that on your blog! MOM!! (She didn't even tell me anything)
  22. She likes tv.
  23. She's President Bush's Self-Proclaimed Biggest Fan.
  24. She loves California because of the beach and the shells.
  25. She believes the temperature can be "too medium" outside
She tags nobody.


Shawn H. said...

I like the way Dora talks to me.

Jodi said...

And I can see you antagonizing her in song when she mad!

The Castillo's said...

And THAT'S why I LOVE her SO much!! :) There's never a dull moment with her!

I feel so incredibly blessed to say that Camryn thinks I'm awesome. (People may think of me differently now.)

Katie Price said...

Although I think she may be insane, I adore that little girl. With her glasses and blonde hair and funky personality, I think she is just perfect.

Anonymous said...

I promise to wear blue the next time I see her.
Lisa B.

Natalie said...

I LoVE HeR!!! She would fit right in my family. If you need to ship her off...i'd take her:).

Lexi said...

oh how I love that girl. I can understand you wanting to kill her, too (not saying that I WOULD kill her, no, my own kids, maybe...but you can't kill other peoples' kids. You can't even threaten them. Totally a double standard)
This was awesome. I need to write one about my kids. I don't know if I know 25 things about them though...

How come Shawn H. can get on our families sites but our family (okay me) can't get on his? Just because I don't know him? Uncool and unfair.

Love you,

MH72 said...

"Too medium" - yes I know that feeling, hate it too :-)

And yes, I think you are crazy, I do not think I am published in Creating Keepsakes! Is it the card from my blog you thought you saw there or a layout??

(They probably used one of my layouts againg without asking. I just hate when that happens...)