Friday, February 27, 2009

The Phoenix

So was talking to Sienna's teacher and it turns out she was really close friends with the former owner of our home. I had heard from "the welcome wagon" that my house had burned before but I was never able to find any more information. ANYWAY, the story is that Marilyn and her husband had designed this home and it was almost complete. The builder was doing the final touches like flooring and paint. They had moved a bunch of their furniture and antiques into the basement waiting to move in. The builder employed both union and non-union workers. One of the non-union workers decided he was mad that he wasn't getting equal treatment and took out his anger by burning the house TO THE GROUND!! Wow. THey had to start over. So this is my house v2.1. It's almost too bad there was nothing more sinister than that - you know, like a well under the basement or a graveyard that curls my forks and spoons - so that I could be all creeped out about my haunted house. I'd have a hard time getting babysitters and i'd type "All work and no play makes shelby..."
"go crazy?"
"don't mind if I do...BWAH AHA HAH AH HAH HA!"

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Amy Cima said...

Well under the basement? That is the scariest movie ever! I am glad your house isn't haunted because I have too much fun over there. I would have to stop going for fear that a wheelchair might chase me. HA HA!

Cheryl said...

That's a pretty freaky picture still. I can't believe someone burned their house down. Did anything happen to the culprit?

Melanie said...


Natalie said...

hmmm....that's kinda weird.