Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Karli's Dream

Karli is practically one of my kids. (She would BE one of my kids if her family wasn't so selfish.) She is such a quirky, funny girl. When she first started coming over (when she was three) she would tell me stories of her sister "sheila" who was very unlucky. She was constantly falling off the roof or getting hit by cars. Eventually it was too much for her mom and she was forced to sell her. It was all very sad. One time Karli went into her parents' room in the middle of the night to tell them of the best dream she ever had where she was "playing at Camryn's and [they] never came to pick her up!" I know you have all had similar dreams.

So recently Karli dreamed a new dream. In that dream, she was picking her nose. She pulled out a big booger that was the shape of a dog. It was SO CUTE. She played with it all day. They had a tea party and when night came, she put her booger dog to bed. THE END.

P.s. you can still donate to our run - THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE THAT HAS!!!! I'M AMAZED and humbled. You are all so nice:

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Adrienne said...

That IS a great dream. I know I would want to play with a booger dog all day. Who wouldn't?

I got your money. You will soon see your shirt.