Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the GREAT BIG Bazzill Basics GIVEAWAY!!!

I never promised myself I'd never do a blog giveaway. Thank goodness.

If you look at my blog, you'd think all I do is have cancer, travel, run and play on frozen lakes. That's true, but occasionally I like to work full-time for Bazzill Basics Paper as a designer. I design their catalogs, advertising, packaging, idea books and posters for their kids school projects. Over the years, I have started "accumulating" (hoarding is a strong, ugly word) Bazzill products. I have been selfish with my Bazzill. It's a mystery to me why I cannot part with it. I don't scrapbook. I just love it. I love it so much that I gingerly put it in a closet and in boxes in the basement.

THEREFORE, ere go, heretofore I have decided to pry some of it from my supple, model-like hands. For you, but mostly for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. That's right, I'm still at the begging for money thing. Everyone who has donated is eligible to enter. After you have donated to our run, leave a comment on this entry for a chance to win:

  • 37 YARDS(ish) (one yard of each) of ALL BAZZILL BASICS RIBBON!!! That's a lot of giant bows you could make for tiny baby heads.
  • (70) 8.5x11 textured Bazzill Cardstock in about 70 colors and varying textures
  • (20) 12x12 textured Bazzill Cardstock - including some "bling" paper
  • (2) 15-sheet DOTTED SWISS multipacks - have you seen this? So cute. Reminds me of the dress my mom made me... and the dress your mom made you when we were little.
  • A 25-sheet 12x12 Monochomatic green multipack
  • A 15-sheet 12x12 Mono Trio Forget-Me-Not multipack
  • A 25-sheet Places We Love multipack
  • A 25-sheet 8x8 Monochromatic yellow multipack
  • A 25 8.5x5.5 Places We Love scrap pack
  • A Places We Love idea book
  • A 8x8 post-bound album
  • A 12x6 tall post-bound album
  • A Bitty Blossoms Garden Mix jar of blossoms
  • Assorted brads, boshers (I don't know either), buttons, etc.
And MORE! Please keep in mind that this is a shelby-sponsored event and not a Bazzill-sponsored event. Therefore, some packaging might be first generation, etc. I hope maybe this is what you were waiting for... go donate and enter TODAY!! I'll do the drawing in a very scientific way SUNDAY, MARCH 15 at 7pm. Good Luck!

14409 W Maui Lane
Surprise, AZ


Melanie said...

What a great idea! Where can I donate???

Tyson P. said...

I might as well as enter to win. Maybe my mom or future wife will someday scrapbook! :)

Hope you are doing well!

Tyson Price

Rod and Kandace said...

Will you put my name in the drawing???? Love you guys!


Dahlene said...

Wow! Thanks for the giveaway Shelby. It would be fun to win. I've been following your story in Melanie's blog. I lived in her ward a couple years ago and have since moved to Utah. I was able to hear your story through Melanie. I'm so glad you recovered and that you are so active in helping find a cure. Good luck to you and your family in this cause.

Natalie said...

I have an empty closet yearning for all of this stuff. Since i am not developing my talent for running, i would like to develop my talent of hoarding. Please contribute to my cause by scientifically picking me. Thanks.

MH72 said...

WOW. That is just.... WOW!

This for sure got me out of my chair to look for my visa. And not only look for it but to use it to donate.

However I do feel kind of bad that I didn't donate days ago - the good course in itself should have been enough to make me donate!

To make up for that I will post about this on my blog later today. My blog is read by Danish Scrapbookers. Maybe that will mean more donations from Denmark....

kris said...

I actually only collect scrapbook supplies myself...have never actually made a scrapbook page. So I'd be happy to take some off your hands!



I'm not a big scrapbooker either, but I love card making. This stuff could be fun to work with. Please enter me in the drawing. Much Love, Sara

Melanie said...

woo hoo! Our first donation from overseas! Yea for Denmark!!!

Tina said...

I am Tina Adams Holland (Christine) and Marge Price was my aunt and Ron my cousin. I donated when I saw your story through Melanie on facebook. I don't have my Mom here to inform me (Marilyn Adams) of the relationship we must have, and I am embarrassed to have to ask, but here I am asking. Tell me who your parents are. I am sure they are my cousins and I will be forever ashamed I can't remember but would like to put everything together. Without my Mom, who also died of cancer, I am really out of touch. Thanks and good luck!

Tamara said...

Knowing both you and Melanie is gift enough for me. However, some cool scrapbooking stuff would make that gift even sweeter! Pick me, pick me! On a serious note -- I'm really grateful to know you. Keep up the great work!

Krista said...

I don't scrapbook either but I have 2 girls who will make good use of it I'm sure!

Christy said...

Ooh, pretty ribbon!

I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Well I have never scrapbooked, but what the heck enter me in the drawing.

-Annette Miller

Sam said...

pick me, pick me!!


Jodi said...
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Jodi said...

I think you should have asked for more money for your sponsorship..I bet you'd get it! You are such an inspiration! And great idea of a giveaway however you don't need to include me in the drawing as I don't have any time to scrapbook. I am more of a quilter anyway and I still don't even have time for that! Someday...

Anonymous said...

I donated because I love you.
Please don't scientifically pick me.
I don't want your Bazzill product...I sent it to you!
Love your guts,
Lisa B.
Your Bazzill "handler"

Heidi Bishop said...

Okay, here's my comment:you are much tougher than I am! Good luck, and be gentle with Melanie, we all love her here in Surprise!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shelby,
I hope that I am not too late! I donated right at the start, and have been out of the country this entire week, so no internet!!! Yes, I survived but BARELY! Anyway, if it is not too late, I would love to throw my name in for your drawing to.
Keri P

siameseplease said...

Looks like I have already passed the time of the drawing, but I'd still like to donate. Unfortunately, every time I go to the donation page and try, it shuts down my internet! Is there somewhere that I can mail a check? Thanks!

shel7by said...

Their site has trouble off and on. Please keep trying or feel free to send a check. Let me know and I'll make sure you're in the drawing. Thank you so much!!!

Wisconsin Watsons said...

I'm salavating at all the goodies! Good luck on your run...I hope you beat Melanie...hee hee...

Summer said...

I want!!!

Allen's of Surprise said...

I love to scrapbook! New stuff would be a great motivator, enter me! Thanks! April