Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'll save you a trip...

Even though it's now WAY past VD and even though the universe KNOWS I need these more than anything, they're not yet available ANYWHERE near me. They're not at:
or CVS.
There. I just saved you gas and time and most of all HEARTBREAK.

I'll let you know when things change. Hang in there. We'll get through this together.


Amy Cima said...

I think this post is specifically for me. Thanks for doing all the legwork. I will tell my craving to wait a few more weeks.

Tami G. said...

Still? Really? Those are yuck.

Katie Price said...

i'll send you some. let me know if you still can't find them. i got three bags for my birthday.

Anonymous said...

Gross. Are those the foamy kind. Yuck.
Even the shapes look creepy.
I am more intrigued by the fact you have something called "Shnucks".
-Lisa B.

Adrienne said...

So I wrote you my clever little email, trying to take your order so I can mail you your own Adrienne original t shirt and you don't even care. Well I think I'll be making them tomorrow so as soon as you decide what you want, let me know.

Natalie said...

shelby, eeewwww.

Are those like those big orange peanut things? if so, double eeeewwww.