Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Carrie is worried...

Carrie is worried about me, so I better drop a note. I have been sleeping or working every minute for the last two weeks. I am very tired. I only have FIVE treatments left. Can you believe it? I wonder what to do with this blog after that? When am I officially through this? Do I make it into my family blog then? Do I print it out and bury it in a weird ceremony with incense and voodoo dolls? I am unsure.

It seems I don't have so much to say these days. I wake up, go to radiation, come home, work, sleep. My Aunt Nancy made good on her offer and has been out here helping since last wednesday. I like her very much. She is wise and fun. She made me orange rolls out of clementines. Mmmmm. My kids love her, too. Mason started out calling her "that friend", then "crocker" (unsure about that) and now Nancy. Preslie can even say "Nancy". (She calls me "Daddy". Mystery.)

I am growing real hair. Dark and soft. It's strange. Usually when someone shaves his or her head and it starts growing back it's all stubbly and spiky. Not mine. Soft, soft. Touching my head feels like petting a rat. Maybe I'll get brave and take a picture. Probably not. I'm getting my dark eyelashes back and they are soft and curly. I liked my old ones better.

My chest hurts. I can feel it now (and taste it!) when they radiate me. I'm glad it's almost over. I can't work out anymore and I'm so very tired. Are you getting tired of me saying that I am tired? It makes me tired.

That's it for now. I'm sorry I don't have more to say. Hopefully when I get this catalog done we can laugh and play more.


Lindsay said...

I hope you keep a blog going! I've really enjoyed reading up on you and following you through your ordeal, you are one awesome chicky!

Chelsea said...

You can print your blog as a book at www.blurb.com ...it might be fun to read one day especially for your kids! :)

Toria said...

amazing! you're working too- WOW. I just sent you and e-mail and I'm anxious to hear what you think and if we can make something happen! When are your radiation treatments over?

Anonymous said...

Who are those horrible people making you work? They should be more sensitive and kind?
I love your blog. You say the things I think... but make it sound so much better. I love hearing about you and your family!
Love you, get back to work.
(whip crack)
Lisa B. (who is making you work)

Katie Price said...

Lisa, leave her alone. Don't you know she had cancer???

Carrie said...

Sheewwww! I am so glad you're back! Don't ever stop writing....you are so fun to read. xo

Kate said...

You don't know me, but I know Andrea (Stroud) and Brittany (Atkinson), and got your link off of Andrea's blog. I think you are amazing and you are beautiful! Even bald!! I just had to say,hi, and even though I really don't have time to even read my friends' blogs, I couldn't stop reading yours!
Kate (Jarrard)

Nancy said...

Shelby is tired but acts like she is tireless. She doesn't nap, though she should. She takes the time to love her darling children, comfort them when they are sad and make them laugh instead, and properly discipline them when they need it. She is not too tired to reassure all callers that she can handle things, or be the favorite weekly Sunday School teacher of 14 teenagers age 16 to 18 (when did you find time to prepare that lesson?), keeps up with mountains of laundry from a big family, and had her house spic and span for me when I arrived. (Do you clean the house before the maid arrives?) She knows that somehow she will meet her catalog deadlines, tired or not. Please do not stay up all night, Shelby. Being at her home only made me make the connection more that she has her father's courageous faith, sense of humor, creative ability, and work ethic. I am having Stroud withdrawals for sure. Love you, Shelby.

Anonymous said...

Shelby! Congratulations on your last day of Radiation, you did it! We all love you so much, and you're such an example to our family about dealing with adversity with a smile on your face and a prayer in your heart. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, we're so blessed to have you in our family. We love you so much, and are so excited about MAY! Wohoo, can't wait!

Love ya!
Mel Stroud