Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hi. Four down and about 19 to go - radiation treatments that is. No problem. I'm tired and I feel like I have a lump in my throat, but other than that - es no so bad. My doctor said that I'll get a bad sore throat, but that hasn't happened yet. Maybe that will keep me from shoving my face. Probably not. I have quite the will-power when it comes to eating.

I definitely like going to radiation more than chemo, if only for the people I get to hang with. We all get gowned-up and go to a waiting room and talk about how blessed we are while comparing wigs and chest-paintings. Cancer is no respecter of persons. We are young, old, rich and poor. I happen to be all of those things. I have taken my kids a few times. They go and sit at jaymee's desk to draw pictures and quote Harry Potter for the nurses. I'm there about 10 minutes, so they only wear out their welcome by about nine and a half. School starts again tomorrow. Phew!

Seems like I have been busy-busy ever since the minute I felt ok. Christmas everything (I even went to Wal*Mart the saturday before - what am I? Nuts?) then Jaymeson's sister and her family came to visit and go to Wicked with us. Then New Years (I celebrated with New York and then went to bed at 11:01. Every party needs a pooper...) And now work is back with a vengeance! It's good to work again. I like feeling like I am accomplishing something. I'm getting back into my real life. I have even ran in slow motion a couple times. Hooray for nike+ shoes. Santa wants me to get off my bum and get back into shape. I am a sorry sack of shelby. Did you know that chemo actually makes you lose muscle tone? I have heard that laying on the couch for three months does too, but I prefer to blame chemo... or society. I don't know what that means.


Anonymous said...

Hey .. you can't blame the people that brought you meals and yummy desserts. They were only trying to help. Which way? That is for you to judge. :)

Melanie said...

ya - you better hurry and get back in shape. We are sick of looking at all the flab.

Mel Stroud said...

If you wouldn't mind blameing society, that would take care of my excuse too. I would appriciate it. :)

MarySue said...

Hopes, wishes and prayers for a healthy 2008!!!