Wednesday, December 26, 2007

not obvious

I went in for a radiation simulation today so I can get my first dose tomorrow. What that means is that I got to lie on a skinny table in my shelby-shape while some girls drew more pictures with blue paint on my chest. These ones are beautiful. I'm so glad they are almost impossible to wash off because they go all the way up to my neck. To me, it looks like a coffin with a cross on it. Help me think of a way of explaining what new religion would ask me to do this. Also, my favorite part of this picture is not my three eyelashes, but more likely the fingerprints all over the mirror.

Christmas was great. Jaymee and Sienna took my bucket-o-hair (that i really wanted to send to travey) to Build-a-Bear Workshop and had it stuffed in a bear. It wasn't creepy. IT's really neat. If you smell it, it smells like me. Or rather, the old pre-cancer me. The smell reminded me of sleeping on my hair. I miss my hair. But now I have a bear. Don't stare. Life's not fair. There!

My first radiation is tomorrow at 7:20am. I'll let you know if I notice any super-powers. I've seen enough tv to know that radiation = super powers. I just hope it's a good one and not some lame one like making people squirt ink out their eyes if I get sad or mad. I hope I can fly or shoot lightning out my hands or cook. Or perhaps bio-luminesence - my glow would tell could-be predators that I taste bitter. What super power would you want?


Anonymous said...

Ha! Enjoy the cult-markings while they last. I can only imagine all the funny jokes you will crack to friends and strangers. I too, love the finger prints, for they remind me of home. This is an awesome picture - for those reasons and for the fact that your borrowed hair looks so gorgeous. I'm sorry you lost your beautiful eyelashes. Eye lashes like yours would be a shame to lose. I don't think I'd notice if mine fell out.

-Tami G.

Melanie said...

The best picture yet. Your expression cracks me up. I love your paint. It's hardly obvious at all . . . no one will notice . . .

I wonder if you took a bag of cocaine to build a bear if they would let you stuff if in there.

Andrea said...

I didn't see it - the beautiful hair and face stood out more. I'd want Elastigirl's stretch power!

Anonymous said...

my superpower would be to fly ... and to zap people. I don't know why I have the urge to do that...but zapping would be cool. but then i'd have to do something to make up for zapping give people rides over the grand canyon...stuff like that. how did your first dose of radiation go? Any glowing skin yet or webbing between the fingers? -- Karen

The Goetsch Family said...

So, I don't know you, but I stumbled upon your blog while trying to figure out who Melanie "Price Shimai" Wellman was when she posted a comment on my blog a few months ago (Thanks Melanie for your comment, but I have to be honest... I kind of recognize the name, but I don't recognize your pictures on your website- in what area of the mission did we serve together?).

Either way- I have been following your journey over the past few months, and have both laughed out loud and shed tears reading some of your entries... your latest comments about "radiation = super powers" had me laughing again, especially after reading your previous entry a few days ago, and feeling so sad for what you are going through.

Just wanted to let you know that even complete strangers appreciate your candor and humor through this life-altering experience... keep your chin up (that way everyone can see your cool new paint job)!


shel7by said...

Todd, you made me smile. Thanks!

Melanie Stroud said...

The power to heal, definitely!

Melanie STroud said...

The power to heal, definitely!

You've got the power to make people laugh.

Paul Schreiber said...

nice hand prints on the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelby!

Your sister Melanie is in my ward. She just radiates whenever I see her. She bore her testimony a few months ago about you and your brave fight against cancer. After reading your entry's, I can see now that amazing, beautiful women must run in your family.

Thank you for sharing your story with such humor and grace. I think I was most touched (and shorted out my keyboard with tears) when you showed the cracks in your practically flawless exterior and asked to be propped up by those around you. That is one of the hardest things to do.

I wish you many days of laughter and joy as your recovery continues into the New Year!

(Not to mention the happy return of feeling in your fingers and toes!)

-Christy Hiniker

Shanna Marie Mortensen said...

Shelby... you are so beautiful! I am glad you are doing well and you will be in my prayers.. I can't imagine what you are going through but you definitely must be an amazing person! Good luck with the radiation treatment!

Melanie said...

Todd Goetsch- If you ever look on here again I am a big dork!!! I got you mixed up with an elder I served with Named Elder Gertsch! No wonder I said I wouldn't have recognized you. Sorry to make you wonder about something you had no need to wonder about. Maybe for some crazy reason you needed to get on this blog and be inspired by my litter sister. Sorry for the mix up.