Monday, December 17, 2007

Don't stop praying.

(this is Melanie)
Hey all you (including me) who let out one big collective sigh and a big "Phew!" when they heard the news about Shelby's scan - don't stop praying for her yet please. She has the flu right now and a low white blood cell count so her body is having a hard time fighting it off. We had the crappy flu in our home recently and it went around and around for two weeks - and none of us are immuno-compromised! Don't be too worried or alarmed, just please don't forget to keep her in your prayers and thoughts for a while longer. Thanks so much. We love you.
I love you Shelby. I am so sorry this dumb thing didn't just end the day you got that clean scan. Wouldn't it have been great to wake up the next day with a full head of hair, energy, feeling in your hands and feet and a physical feeling that matched that message? It will take months to feel all the way better - but you will!! We can't wait. But we will wait and we will keep praying and calling and helping until you are 100% again.

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Anonymous said...

That's such a bummer. Sorry Shelby. I hope you kick this before Christmas. Did you ever get to do some shopping? Are the kids healthy? Miss you guys. - Tami