Monday, March 24, 2008

Freezing Garage Sale

We had a freezing garage sale this weekend. It was 30°. People still came! What a crazy place I live. Friday was 68° and that made us hopeful. It was about 50° at 7am when we started, so we were still hopeful. Then it was 30 and too late. Everything was out. Amy Cima was nice enough to do the ultimate solid of letting us have the sale at her house. She has a great location and our realtor wouldn't let us have it here. Now all that stuff is gone. We hauled away everything that didn't sell. I might become a bulimic just because it feels so good to PURGE. Ahhh. Clean house.

It's good that it's clean, too, because there are only 200 houses just like ours one the market in our area right now. Sheesh. I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'm already tired of keeping everything perfect. I feel like those guys at disneyland that walk around with the broom and dustpan waiting for people to drop something. Their job is never done and neither is mine. But at least they get a churro now and then.


Nancy said...

Did you get rid of everything? Do you only have beds and chairs left, like you said you wanted to do? It does feel good to clean it all out. This is a tough time to sell, but I know your house will show well. Good luck! At least your house didn't wash away.

Raine said...

Thanks for writing this.