Monday, March 10, 2008

ummm.... ummm.... i don't know

Hi. I get to feeling real guilty that I don't write on here very much anymore. That is because my life is busy and boraphil... er, boring. I'm trying my hardest to get his house ready to go on the market on the 20th. I hope it will happen. We have been working very hard. I've also been going to the gym and meeting with my friend who is getting her personal trainer's license. I dread going, hate it while I'm there and feel like dying afterwards. So that's good. I'm looking into hiring some little elves to come and help me sit down without falling because my legs hurt so much. They would have to sign a major non-disclosure agreement form.

I got to spend last Wednesday running around my house without the owner there. I was having an inspection done and it was really fun. I found a laundry shute. shoot. chute. There it is. Anyway, I'm sure my kids will have a blast putting Preslie down that. It is a fun fun house and I hope we spend the rest of out lives in it. We found out that our lake has snapping turtles. Hopefully that will deter the kids from drowning in it. Or maybe they will drown while being bitten by turtles. Great. Now I have a whole new scenario to keep me up at night.

With all of this going on, I'm afraid I've had to cut back on my Guitar Hero time and will probably have to move my tour to he spring, instead of the fall like I had hoped. I'll let you know when advance tickets go on sale.


stacia said...

good thing i can count on you for a good laugh! your new house sounds some pictures! good luck with everything!!

Nancy said...

All the kids will go down the chute, not just Preslie. Did you ever go down ours? I almost never caught anyone in it, but they all used it. Wait till Mom's gone.

Your house would have shown well when I was there. I'm sure it looks great now. You said March was a good time to sell because of the military coming in at that time. Hope it is.

Ask Sunny about potty training Tristan. It is the funniest story. Two great bribes from his Dad and it was a done deal. Had never gone in the toilet once before, either. Good luck. (Fly him here. I'll do it. I may not give him back, though.)

MH72 said...

Laundry chute - I have always dreamt of having one of those, but actually didn't know it was a real thing that you could really have!!! Post some photoes, please!!!

BTW - when you are done with the elves please send them to me. I just realized our summer holiday are only a couple of months away, and of course I wan't to look like before I had 4 kids (ha-ha). And of course I thought I could change it all at once (ha-ha). Result: My legs, my stomach - everything hurts. But do I look skinner - NO!! (guess I have to do the gym more than once???)

Andrea said...

Preslie will love the ride! I bet Max can give her optimal speed. Oooo, maybe we should buy a radar gun for our next visit!