Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hard Work

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of work I have had to do every day since our house went on the market. We've had three showings and it is exhausting to try and keep it that clean. I was feeling really sorry for myself last night and the thought came to me - what about the people around you? Have you noticed how much they have had to do lately? How true it is! Take Preslie, for example. Every morning she has to overflow her diaper and soak her bed. Then she has to hurry and eat half a banana, use the other half like a chunky-slimy chapstick and kiss every glass surface in the house. Before the other kids even leave for school, she has to empty their laundry bins - always making sure to shove their underwear in my saucepans in the cupboard. She is very detail-oriented and a hard, hard worker. She makes certain that every bit of her cereal ends up on the floor and that there is always some kind of mystery food in her hair. The cushions must be removed from the couch and the toilet paper from the rolls. It is no wonder to me that she needs a long nap every afternoon and I should stop feeling sorry for myself and my short list of to-dos.


Lindsay said...

You are too funny!

Rod and Kandace said...

Shelby...these posts make my day!

Anonymous said...

Preslie has the true princess story. All she needs to do now is sing out of the window to see what animals she can attract in order to clean up the mess!

She is too funny ... just like the rest of them. :)


Aunt Runny said...

This is so funny. I can just picture her going about her morning attending to her "Chores". I can relate to the keeping the house clean. Today, we had a showing and I left a plate of cookies out for anyone to enjoy. Well, when I came home, there were cookie crumbs all over the house. I guess they really made themselves at home.

MH72 said...

In a stressful time it is very important to delegate work out to the other members of the family. So glad to read that you have done that... ***LOL***

barefoot gypsy girl said... always! Still love reading your blog.

Andrea said...

But if she could she'd explain that 1 - she just wants everyone who gets a glass to remember they're loved, 2 - eat the banana so you don't have to change diarhea diapers, 3 - she was trying to disinfect the underwear with high heat, but couldn't figure out how to work the stove, 4 - the cereal on the floor is to make sure the ants stay in the kitchen and not go up to the bedrooms where you sleep, 4 - that concoction in her hair is the next amazing hair product that will make her millions and let you finally get that old Shelby Mustang for your 50th birthday, 5 - Cushions unflipped cause back problems, 6 - unrolling it ahead of time saves valuable time - mom always looks so busy, right?

I don't know how you do it, Shel!