Monday, June 23, 2008

just some pics

This is our "deefer". He comes about every night and isn't afraid of us. When I was painting, he came right up to the screen door where i was. I kinda wish he was scared of me.

These are my chicks. I make cute people. They are such fun and cute girls. I admit, Camryn was tough one for about six and a half years, but I think we have figured her out and this new no-sugar camryn is amazing. (Yes, her hair is green) She is sweet and helpful and hasn't lost her quirkiness. She writes a lot of stories these days and they crack me up. Her latest is about a boy king duck and a girl king duck that get married and struggle to unite their kingdoms. I asked why the girl duck isn't a queen and she said,"because she is a king!" So now I know.

Preslie is a crazy little lady. She is a perfect experiment in the "it takes a village" theory. She has many moms and many dads. She doesn't prefer anyone over anyone else. She loves everybody. I think she was sent to me when she was because she was going to have to have TWELVE different moms while I was sick. Sometimes I get a little sad that she's not a mamma's girl, but I wouldn't trade her being everyone's little girl for anything.

Sienna has always been sweet and good and way too grown up. Reading is her passion now and we'll often read the same books and then get to talk about them together. SHe finished Little Women and it's her favorite. Check out her shelf:

I didn't get any great pics of Mason because my camera isn't fast enough. He's a wildman. I'll keep trying, though.


Andrea said...

We took Max off of sugar too. People look at me like I'm a friek when I tell them no sugar dairy or wheat please. It makes a big difference - glad it did for you too.

Lexi said...

We just put Casey ON caffeine. It works great.

We have raccoons that come right up to our door too! They're picky, though. They won't eat old bread or strawberries. Except the blind one. He'll eat anything.

YOu have the cutest kids ever. I can't believe how big (by big I mean old, I don't have a bigger vocabulary than that which I use with my little boys) they're all getting.

I want to see you.

Nancy said...

Oh, I miss your kids. I was only the grandma for a week, but your kids are so easy to love. I like Camryn's hair a little longer even though it is green. Lucky you to have a pool. Someday change it to salt water and you will have much less green. I knew Sienna would love Little Women. It was my favorite for years, too.

MH72 said...

Your kids are adorable :-)
Tell me some more of the sugar free diet.... My Mikkel (6) also react on sugar - and no, that is not "react" in a good way *LOL*
I know too much sugar gets him going, but I haven't (until now that is) considered a total free sugar diet.
Please tell me more :-)

Anonymous said...

Is that 'coon about to put on some "dress-up"? Awesome, a drag-coon.