Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tagged from Denmark

I haven't been tagged before, so how can i resist Marianne? I love feeling like I have a friend on the other side of the world. Hooray for cancer that made Mel make me a blog that helped us find each other. I left the questions in Danish, too, because it is such a crazy-looking language. I wish I could write my responses in Danish - but alas, I'm not as smart as Marianne.

Hvad lavede du for 10 år siden?
What did you do 10 years ago?

Ten years ago I was living in Provo, Utah. I was almost pregnant with Sienna and Jaymee had just graduated from BYU but had been turned down for med school. It was a sad time, but ended up being a huge blessing because we got to spend one stress-free year together. We both just worked and played a lot. He was able to be around for my first pregnancy and also really got to bond with Sienna before he started school again. He has been so busy since then. I think it was the glue we needed to get through all that was in store for us. I'm so glad Heavenly Father sees the big picture and always has a better plan for us than we could make for ourselves.

5 ting på to-do listen i dag
5 things on my to-do list today

Finish Bazzill's summer catalog
Go more miles than Brittany (I'm catching up!)
Paint some more of my living room. My friend once told me he hated painting with the fire of 1,000 suns. I now understand.
Laundry, laundry. Always laundry.
Mow that one little strip of grass that I somehow missed a few days ago. How did I do that?

Snacks jeg kan lide
Snacks I enjoy

Cinnamon bears
Dark chocolate milky ways
Rainbow sherbet ice cream. Mel said that "comfort foods" aren't necessarily mashed potatoes and cornbread and such - it's more like the foods you ate as a kid when life was easy and you felt safe and taken care of. I think that's why I went through 200 bowls of rainbow sherbet when I was sick. When I was little, my dad would scoop us up some almost every night and my brother Travey and I would mix it to see what color we would get. For some reason we always acted surprised when it was light brown. It was ALWAYS light brown.

Ting jeg ville gøre hvis jeg var milliardær
Things I would do if I was a billionaire

Pay off all our student loans and other debt. I guess that's obvious.
Go to Denmark
Buy Jeff a new practice out here
You know, there is so much good that could be done. But I could think of things that might not do as much good, but would be fun, fun. I'd like to go to restaurants and pick tables at random and anonymously pay for their meals. Or go to a car dealership and pay for someone else's car. "Put it on my tab." Do things so that people get mail that says,"someone already paid your property taxes this year." or "You got a full-ride scholarship because you held open the door for someone toting 4 kids a couple weeks ago." It would be SO FUN to go around and seek people out to secretly help. And not just poor people. Anybody. What a blast. Hurry. Give me some money!

Steder jeg har boet
Places I have lived

Phoenix, AZ
North Ogden, UT
Cedar City, UT
Provo, UT
Milwaukee, WI
O'Fallon, IL

I hereby bestow a tag upon (but not limited to) Lexi. Some restrictions apply.


Katie Price said...

i sort of like you

MH72 said...

Hvor er du bare god til dansk :-)

MH72 said...
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MH72 said...

Ok, I will do this in English **LOL**

(And even that I know YOU understand what it says above, there might be others who don't, so here goes...It says: "You are very good at Danish" )

And yes, I also think we are friends - blogfriends (is that even a word? Now it is!!!).

Internet and blogs (you just can't make me say cancer!) are wonderful things that makes it possible for you to kind of get to know people that you would never, ever have meet.... Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Shelby!

Katie Price said...

Shelby, could you please post something new. I've been waiting for five days.

Oh, and happy birthday. Batch.

Lexi said...

CRAP! I've only thought about your dang birthday FIVE HUNDRED TIMES since the beginning of your dang birthday (which was, in fact, yesterday) but I think it's like 10 there AGAIN now so I can't call until tomorrow. I SUCK I SUCK I SUCK. I even made you a sucky card.

I don't get what 'tagged' means? Does it mean I have to answer those questions on my blog? Okay.

I want to see your bazzill catalog when you're done. Now that I'm a little more in to this whole scrapbooking world, I 'get' how cool bazzill stuff is.