Monday, June 9, 2008

oh, i don't know, just stuff mostly

We've hauled some barges in our day. My mom came to visit this past week. She's a hoot. We were on our way to Grant's Farm and she said,"I want to go inside the Arch!" So we turned off the freeway and went to the Arch. While we were finding parking, she said,"Ooh! I want to go on that boat!" So she got us tickets for the Tom Sawyer riverboat. It was really fun even tough we didn't learn a thing about Tom Sawyer. We learned about coal. Lots of coal is transported down that muddy water. Asphalt, too!

We were so overcome with exciting barge facts that we didn't end up going in the Arch after all - which is ok by me. I've done it before. You have to hunch over inside a "Mork-calling-Orson, Come-in-Orson" egg with your knees touching the person across from you and crying kids on your lap. When you get to the top, it's like an airplane without seats and you might get a chance to look out the tiny windows if it's not too crowded. Claustrophobia! (Wow. All my life I thought that was claustERphobia. Thank you spell check. Thank you.)

It was great having Mom here. I wish so badly we lived by each other. Rip off. We love her so much. I was very sad to see her go. She was the best person to be the first to see our house. She's a great gusher. It was so fun to show her. She went on and on. One night Mason came in yelling,"there's a DEEFER on the porch!" So we went and looked and there was a huge raccoon out there hauling our garbage can away. I don't know why it's a "deefer". We saw a turtle and a bunch of cardinals. We also saw a baby deer prance around the front yard. And a rainbow and singing and fairies that granted us wishes. I love my house so much.

So our pool is open and has been full of people. I'm pretty sure we're the only one in either ward with a pool - therefore it belongs to the Stake. That makes me happy. Then I don't have to feel guilty about being the one with the pool. The young men have already had an activity here; the young women are coming tomorrow and the young women from the other ward are coming next week. For everyone else, it's swim day every wednesday from 12 -5pm. See you here! If you want to come another time, feel free! Gimme a call. Only I'll probably send my kids out to swim with you. They practically die if they have to go a day without swimming. You can tell from Camryn's green hair.


Cheryl said...

i love your mom. i've never met such a gushy gusher. she makes everyone feel like they are the most awesome person ever and she gets so excited over everything. she's fun to have around.

Cheryl said...

also, i never knew that you could actually go INside the arch. I always thought it was just something you drove by and looked at. i learned something today.

Katie Price said...

don't you wish you lived by her? i wish you did.

i'm probably going to come swim in your pool for about a week straight. but i'll play with preslie in the pool. cool?

Anonymous said...

If the arch is anything like the submarine ride at Disneyland... count me OUT!!!

I could barely stand in line without breaking into a cold sweat.

- LIsa B.