Monday, June 23, 2008

Roll Call!

Who is in Hayward, CA and Mt. Pleasant, Michigan? It seems I always get on at the same minute as hayward. There's a bunch of places I don't know. Why don't you guys introduce yourselves?

Do you guys hate that I spy on you? It's love-spying.

Like a stalker.


Jackie said...

Wow, I've never been called out on blog stocking before. I swear this is my first time! Hee, hee! Just kidding. I found your blog through Gillian's blog. I have this new hobby. I get my kids in bed then I spend way too much time on my computer keeping track of people I know through the blogging world. Well maybe even a few people I don't know (ahem!)
Anyway just though I'd come out of the bushes and say hi.

Happy blogging!

Steve said...

Hi Shelby,

Yes I've been lurking a bit. It's been cool checking out old friends' blog the last few weeks. Your blog is great. I love the cruise pics.

Steve Watson