Saturday, August 2, 2008

No one understands me.

We went to a "grizzlies" game with the kids - they're a local baseball team - and i was standing in line with Mason for a jumphouse. There was a guy behind us with his little boy who was wearing a big spongy-foam grizzly bear paw with long foam claws sticking off it. I said,"Ooh, Nature has dealt your son a cruel hand." He said,"I bought it for him."


MH72 said...

That poor dad. He thought you couldn't see it was an add on.... TOO FUNNY!!!!

You should move to Denmark. We would understand your kind of humour :-)

Kathy Nevin said...

Maybe he was just taken off guard! He might have gone home and told his wife "I made an idiot of myself today. This really humorous lady made a comment about Little Jimmy's Grizzly hand and I was stricken stupid."

That's what I would like to think. Because you were really witty!

Sara B said...

I have to give you a hand for that one. Hilarious.

Jen said...

You are hilarious! I understand you.