Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sisi's Romantic Dream

Sisi is nine. She came downstairs all dancey-like and I asked her what was up. She said she had a very romantic dream. She said in it she colored a horse and then a boy put her up on the horse and then when he took her down off of it again he swung her around. She looked at him and almost fainted while saying,"I MUST BE DREAMING!!"

HA HA HA HA. Even better, who was this handsome stranger? None other than the monocled duke from Disney's Cinderella. What a crack up.


Sara B said...

Haha i love it. Sienna is cute.

Kathryn Sutton said...

Hubba, Hubba!!!

MH72 said...

Well at least it was a better dream than the one my 6 year old had some time ago when he dreamt that a big, big rubber had removed his little brother.... I guess it was wish-dreaming!!!!