Thursday, November 15, 2007

9th chemo

Three-quarters done. I went in feeling SO GOOD yesterday. I hate that. Cancer makes you submissive, that's for sure. "Here, take my feel good. I'll trade you for yuck." Oh well, it's just a few days, right? Luckily I have all of you to buoy me up. Like this poem by my friend Karen that I found waiting for me to not to sleep.

Well I can't find a card to celebrate your 9th here's like a completely random, lame poem that literally I'm writing like...right now (notice the nine'm good). I would probably rate this as PG-13. I will try for a more sappy, inspirational poem...for No. 10. More stuff might rhyme then and plus you have cooler side effects then. Hmmmmm.

Number Nine, oh it's so fine
Kills my cells, but not my mind
At least not yet

Number Nine, I'm almost done
Shoot me up like coke and rum
Ok, that's a bit much
(remember kids, say no to drugs)

Number Nine, you've done your job
Making me feel like one big blob
thanks a lot

Number Nine, just do your deed
attack, attack with all your speed
then scram

Number Nine, you're such a bore
keeping me down is quite a chore
so furgeddaboutdit
(like how is that spelled anyways?)

Number Nine, it's not about you
Cause I got way too much stuff to do
like boss people around

Hey Number Nine, you're not so tough
So do your worst, you ain't so rough
well, maybe a little.

Number Nine, you make me swell
and bloat and sleep and feel like hell
but I still look good -- oh snap!

So here's to you Oh Number Nine
Our date is over, step to the back of the line
(envision two snaps and around the world, with a flip of the head as you turn out the room)...sweet.

love you!


Lindsay said...

Shelby, this is Daren's wife Lindsay, I just want to say you are such a trooper! We love you and we are praying for you!

Lindsay said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Karen is a writer of Adam Sandler songs. :) What a good friend to make you smile!

Melanie Stroud

Sam said...

Now we just need someone to put it to music. I would if I could play something besides the kazoo and could actually write musc.

Anonymous said...

Shelby, when you're up late tonite, you should throw this in Snoop Dog's shizzolator and add a little hip hop to it for rizzle!