Monday, November 12, 2007

guess what?

I shaved my head with a razor. It feels like an alien. Soft and hard at the same time. Bye.


Anonymous said...

I didn't come visit you, Shelby. Every time I thought about calling, I was scared I would call at the wrong time and wake or annoy you.....I'm sorry!!!!! I am not a good friend...or maybe I am for not bothering you....I am coming again at Christmas-time, and would love to spread some holiday cheer by giving you a little back rub or two. I know you really want one....Alex loves his head and face massaged. Soft and hard, just like your head. Good to see you, you look just as young and hot as always!!!!!

Andrea Stroud said...

Sweet, we can all get some good luck from you! And I'm sure it made you look even hotter - how do you do it? Do you think Heavenly Father might've known this was coming and blessed you with a beautifully shaped head?

Anonymous said...

Just don't sit around rubbing it all day. The guys in the office that shaved their heads in honor of Doug's Mom do that... it is weird. They should only do that in private, don't you think?
Lisa B.