Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In answer to Nancy's questions

(This is Melanie)
They treat this type of cancer with a little stronger chemo than the other and it has some worse side effects - but the outcomes are still very hopeful with this type. (like 85-93%!! total cure) Because the cells are "aggressive" they respond better to chemo than do slower growing cells. So it's kind of funny - you don't want her to have an aggressive cancer that is growing quickly in her body, but at the same time it dies quicker when combated with the chemo so the outcome is very often total cure.
She starts the chemo this Friday and will continue with it every week for 12 weeks. She is at home now and will go in and get the chemo for 8 hours (yuck) on Friday and then come back home to deal with all the effects. It sounds like it gets worse the second week and the first week isn't as bad. (So they tell her - she actually has a date with Jaymee Friday night!)We'll see. My mom will be with her for this first weekend of treatment and next week and then I get there Friday the 28th and stay the next 10 days. I'll be there for the next two treatments. Hopefully it isn't too hard on her. That's the next specific thing we can pray for I think. Thanks for all of your love and concern. The Price family is the best.

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