Monday, September 17, 2007

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(This is Melanie)
Well, we found out today that it is not Hodgkin's lymphoma as we had hoped. It is actually a large B cell lymphoma sometimes called Diffuse Large B cell or primary Mediastinal large B cell lymphoma. It looks to be a slightly more aggressive cancer - but because of that it responds well to chemotherapy which targets rapidly changing cells. I don't know much more than that right now. I'll keep everyone posted as I know more.

Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
This is the most common of all the lymphomas, and by far the most common of the aggressive types of lymphoma. It comprises about 35% of all NHL cases in North America, and about 60% of all aggressive cases. The term diffuse refers to the fact that the cancer cells are spread around and not concentrated in one particular part of the node or in clusters within a part of the node. In other words the cancer cells don't clump together very well. This is the opposite behaviour of follicular lymphoma, which is an indolent variety.

This diffuse pattern of growth contributes to the aggressive behaviour of DLBC. These patients are more likely to experience "B" symptoms which includes fever, recurrent night sweats, fatigue or weight loss. However their aggressive natures is also what contributes to their high cure rate because chemotherapy is most effective at targeting rapidly dividing cells.)


Nancy said...

Do they treat this the same way as Hodgkins? Is the prognosis as hopeful as Hodgkins? Are you on chemotherapy now or when will it start? Are you still in the hospital or are you sick at home? We don't so much as bless the food, but we ask for a blessing on you. Your name will be forever in the Newport Beach temple. We know that feeling of the spirit with you when the crisis happens. Lots of love from the Dicksons.

Sam said...

I like reading things like "responsive to chemotherapy" and "high cure rate". You're always in our prayers.

Last night we put the shirt you made for Reed that says, "Reed, it's not just a middle name anymore". It was so nice of you to make that for him and nice to be able to tell him that the Shelby we're always praying for made that for him. We don't see you as much as we'd like, so it was good to help him make the connection that way.