Saturday, September 29, 2007


I just thought I'd drop an update so I have something to read when i get on here again. I had my second chemo last wednesday and it was mostly a lot of waiting. There was much laughter with Jaymee and my mom there. Every other week is supposed to be hard and so this is the easier week. I'm tired and have some soreness, but other than that, I'm doing pretty darn good. I took mom to the airport today and that was sad for me. I'm happy that she will finally get a break but I will miss her so. Mel got here yesterday and she is awesome. This next week is gonna be fun. We're going wig shopping and the girls are going to cut my hair on wednesday, I think, so look forward to that video soon. I have to go add some pics to the "more pics of shelby's family" link... so hopefully they'll be there soon, too.

I'm sorry I haven't mentioned Jaymee more on here. That's not really fair. I'm a big jerk for not putting him in my thank yous. He has such a big load on his mind. He's looking/interviewing for a job right now and has a lot at work. He's got a wife who keeps him up all night, too. He has an offer here in St. louis and it's good but I'd love to have something out west to compare it to... we'll see. I think it would be really really hard to be an oncologist and know so much about this disease and then have it hit your home. I think he keeps a lot of info to himself and carries it around like a yucky rock so I won't worry. He's a good man and i love him too much.

That's about it. Thanks for all the cards and emails and love. I feel like hollywood but without all the annoying paparazzi and jail and stuff. I do get to shave my head, lose too much weight and take lots of drugs, though.

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