Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thank You Dicksons and Mao!

Your cold, cold gift warmed my heart and my stomach. Not just because my heart is cuddling with my stomach, either. The Dicksons all got together and bought me a freezer for my garage and a Sam's Club card to fill it up - which I did today. (They also bought my kids "moon sand" but I'm not sure if they planned on that.) We have had people bring meals and things and have had no room to store them. This is so great. My ward has been pondering how to do meals with the lack of space. Thank you a million times you guys are the best best best! (although i thought the card was tasteless and inappropriate)


Lisa B. said...

totally cool. now i am itching to know what the tasteless card tasted liked... cardstock?

Katie Price said...

Wow Dicksons. That was so incredibly thoughtful. I'm so glad I'm part of this incredible family.