Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good News!

I got a chest xray yesterday and my tumor has already shrunk to half its size!! After only 2 treatments. That is the power of prayer and toxic chemicals. See? I'm going to be fine. I got my 3rd chemo yesterday and I have nine more and then 5 weeks of daily radiation. This cancer doesn't stand a chance. Keep the prayers coming!!

On a non-related note, melanie stuck grapes up our noses and took the best pictures ever. Be sure to check those out if i ever get them uploaded.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelby,
I found you on Shelfari and added you as a friend. I followed you to your blog and was so sad to learn you have cancer. You have a great attitude and many new friends (out west) praying for you. Be strong girl, you can beat this!

Anonymous said...

Jeff told me last night about your chest xray and it made me so happy. Way to fight, Shelbs! Keep on swinging :)
- Tami