Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shel got her 5th Chemo today

(this is Melanie)
I talked to Shelby today after her chemo and it went well. Today she got the hard dose again so in a few days she'll probably be pretty wiped out. She has been sleeping better though the past few days and that helps a lot when it comes to chemo day. Her body does a lot better with it when she is rested up before hand. Hopefully this will be a decent week for her. She also got her new wig and really likes it. She said that she felt vain for liking her wig and not just running around bald. I think she's crazy. I thank my Heavenly Father that she found something that makes such a hard part of this disease a little less hard. She is so beautiful and I always want her to feel that way. I am sure she will write all about it soon but if she isn't up to it for a few days I know people get on every day looking for news so I thought I'd give a quick update. (also I was sick of all the love and kisses and barfs from her and I being first on this site!!!)

PS - She said that the other day she took a lint roller to her head to get out the last little bits of stubble. She said it felt wonderful. . . . did she say "divine"? I can't remember. I think it sounds like a great head massage. She also said that sleeping bald feels so good like when you go to bed with wet hair and you stay cool because your head is cool and keeps all of you cool so you have to keep your covers up on you all night! Look at all the perks of being bald.


shel7by said...

i said it was very "satisfying".

Anonymous said...

Hey, when life gets rough, a little "satisfying" is great. You're crazy for thinking not walking around bald is vain. I wouldn't have the guts to do it. So glad you're 1/3rd over and that sleeping bald feels as good as sleeping nude, I mean...whatever you said.

Thank you for posting Mel - we are so anxious to get information, but I don't want to call and bother Shel too much either. I know there's like 4500 other attempts to get her attention right now.


Anonymous said...

I just looked at the cute bald chicks pictures. That was cool. Good thing you don't have to make Jaymee take an oath of celibicy like the Star Trek guys in that first one. According to it, you have very likely odds of having a better shaped head than Britney Spears.

Yeah for beautiful wigs! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're still gorgeous bald but it's very cool that you have such a realistic wig now. Is it real people hair? Scott was saying early on that you should just cut all your hair off early and have someone make a wig out of it. Sounds like your new one is very similar to that. We're so glad that your tumor is losing it's battle with the chemo and that you're getting all the help you need during this time. Melanie and Tami are both dying to be out there for you. I just got off the phone with a mutual friend of Melanie and me (horrible grammar..sorry) and she said she's going to keep you in her prayers. Both her best friends who were like sisters and her mom had cancer. Isn't it crazy that people all over the country who don't even know you are praying for you! Between that and the priesthood you've got so much power on your side.
- Cheryl