Thursday, October 4, 2007

Make sure you look at the family pictures link

(This is Melanie)
First and for the record. I bought a beautiful, touching card from the Dicksons. I will scan it if I must. Do not believe shelby.

Second. You must look at the family pictures link for there you will find pictures of her hair cutting tonight. She is the coolest person ever and her kids had a blast cutting off all her hair and she laughed through the whole thing. Who does that? She is purely inspirational. Even before she did it when I started to cry she opened a drawer with her foot and pulled out a klenex with the same said foot and handed it to me with her foot. Thus, I could no longer cry but had to laugh. Then we went in the kitchen and stuck grapes all over in our faces and took many pictures and laughed and laughed. These things should be so sad and depressing and they aren't because of her awesome attitude. I love her.


Karen said...

Right on! Shelby's a doll with long, short, inbetween or no hair at all! And that diva wig/hat combo is all the rage. What a rich memory for you...pass me the tissues, too! She makes the sad and sometimes scary stuff... not so sad and scary. What a gift!

Karen said...
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Anonymous said...

Geez Shelby, how are we supposed to feel sorry for you when you look super fine with no hair? Total sum.


Anonymous said...

about the grapes of laugh...i seriously thought rachael ray was goofing off with you until i looked at the top picture real close and realized it was melanie. ahh, this world needs more hams like you guys.

Lisa B. said...

I am wondering why you don't normally have short hair? It really shows of your beautiful face! I love how you went from Posh Spice to Snow White in just a few inches. Cute pictures! Great way to show your children how to look your challenges in the eyes and face it! Great photos, Mel!