Saturday, October 13, 2007

All the mushy sister love and stuff

(this is Melanie)
I haven't written on here in a long time because shelby has felt good enough to and no one needed to hear from me - but I am so grateful that I was able to go stay with Shelby and her family for all that time. It was the best. She is the only person out there who could make having cancer so fun. We laughed and laughed and ate and ate and I taught Mason to do the dishes and didn't bathe him more than twice in 10 days. I love that it is said I was such a help - ha. I just went out there to hog back some of that overflow of Holy Ghost and to play with my nieces and nephew that I hardly know. Her kids are great and so nice and fun and cute and Jaymee has taken over as super dad and even bought her a necklace that looks like a tumor (a pearl) hanging out of a heart! I was amazed at her ward (from church) that was taking care of so many things - like meals after chemo and meals when no one is there to help and play dates for Mason and sitters all day for chemo etc. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. To bear one another's burdens that they might be light. I am grateful for her good close friends like Mami and Amy and all those who are being surrogate sisters to her. I am grateful for the sister who brought the box of Krispy Kreme's (we no longer have them in Arizona) and I knelt down and kissed her ring out of gratitude and she brought another box the night before I left!!! Needless to say, no wonder I look like a huge fat face in that horrible picture shel posted of me. But mmmmm I was happy.
I love you Shelby. You are touching the world. You have touched me and reminded me what is important and what isn't. I wish too that a job would open up out west somewhere, but I also know that a wish from me is a curse on those that love you out there so much and want you to stay there. I know you'll end up where the Lord needs you most. Thanks for letting me stay and for being so amazing. I miss you guys.


Anonymous said...

See how smart God was to put us in families? I love sisters. There's nothing like 'em.

kathee said...

My sister Carrie told me about Shelby and I've been keeping your family in my prayers and following everything on this blog. I feel so old, I remember when you two were just little cutie girls (now you're big cutie girls!). Shelby, I love your mix of humor, honesty, and faith. What an inspiration. Melanie, what a great sister you are! Thank you both for showing what strength and love are, and the blessings from living the gospel.
Kathee (Schultz) Clifford

Anonymous said...

Kathee is also a cancer survivor (like I believe Shelby will be), for people who don't know. She had a brain tumor removed some years ago. FYI. - Tami