Friday, October 12, 2007

I miss my sister

I wanted to write about this earlier, but I couldn't. It made me too sad. Even now, I'm still so sad. Really the saddest part of this whole thing was not cancer, it was having melanie all to myself for 10 days and then having her leave. Life is so fun and carefree with melanie around. She did everything for me, even when I could totally do it for myself. I really took advantage of her. I didn't change any diapers or wash any dishes and yet I could go to the mall and pretend house-hunting without any problems. She even cried for me. Not because of me - FOR me - so i didn't have to. When we were going to cut my hair, she started to cry and it made me feel stronger. I don't know why. I guess i just let her do everything for me.

We're a funny pair. We have different tastes in music. I like dark chocolate, she likes white. She looks chinese in this picture and i don't. But it doesn't matter. We are the perfect pair. She is my best friend in the whole world and I'd give anything to live right by her (EVEN live in arizona) so I'd always be laughing and never have to change another diaper again.

P.S. I'd like to give a shout out to my boy Jeff who made it possible for melanie to come out and spend TEN days with me. He took care of all those kids in sickness and in health and drove them to a million places every morning. He pretended it was easy so mel didn't have to worry. I don't know of a lot of guys who could have done that. Thanks, jeff. (and thanks to all those who helped Jeff, too)


Brian and Jessica said...

Hey Shelby!
My name is Jessica Mandile, I live in AZ by Melanie! When I read this entry, I decided not to stay quite and just look at your blog. I would comment on this! About 2 1/2 years ago Melanie took pregnancy pictures for me (the first of many times she'd take my pictures!) I ended up loosing that baby (Broc) and your wonderful sister came to the funeral and took pictures, I treasure those everyday! Your sister is a wonderful example of service and love! You're so lucky she's your sister, when she first told me about everything happening to you, I could tell that she was really worried and loved you a lot! My prayers have been with you and your family in this time but I've also been praying for Mel! She is awesome, I say... When I grow up I want to be just like Melanie!!! :) Love you Mel! You rock!! And Shelby, you too are an inspiration! I don't think I would be able to handle this like you are! My prayers are with you! And hopefully one day when you come visit AZ we can meet!! Love to you!
Jessica Mandile
ps- Jeff rocks too! :)

Dany Wellman said...

Shelby- I am Melanie's sis in law. I want to tell you how awesome you are! You should know how sad Melanie was to come home!!

Melanie said...

I'm glad that the whole world who hasn't seen any of us for a million years get to see me looking like a fat Chinese girl. Oh well. I may not be so cute - but listen to how nice I am!

Anonymous said...

Melanie, you are one of the instruments Heavenly Father has used in answering all of our prayers for Shelby. You and Amy and Mami and your husband are soooooooo appreciated. Now I gotta figure out how to be interesting before I get out there to help. Do you take apprentices?

Anonymous said...

That last one was me, Andrea. And you don't look like a fat Chinese girl at all. And you take great, can stop being so perfect please?