Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sienna's Poem

Sienna (8) wrote this for me.

My mom is having cancer which makes me very sad
She doesn't get to play as much which makes me very mad
I said a prayer and I think it's going to be all right
I hope she'll make it through with all her mighty might.
Heavenly Father loves her very very much
She is still home sometimes for breakfast, dinner and lunch.
She still can give me hugs, just be careful with her heart
With all of us very busy I need to do my part
XOXOXO down here there's lots of love
XOXOXO there's lots of love above
Her favorite color is yellow, just like the shining sun
She sure has love down here. Look, she has a ton
I love her, we love her, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and also the Holy Ghost love her
She is still my friend even when she gets no hair.
When I'm really sad, I know she is always there
And now I finished my poem today and Mom if you read this don't worry you'll be okay.

Love, Sienna


Lindsey said...

I'm so glad I haven't put on any makeup yet. That is the sweetest thing ever - she really gets it.

Denise said...

Sienna is not only so cute, she is SO sweet. You have amazing children that I just love. Thanks for sharing and I hope that brightened your day and for days to come.
@{-- Denise --}@

Jenn said...

I saw Marti today and she told me what was going on. I just want you to know that I heart you... from the bottom of my heart!!
You are in my prayers and so is the cute hubby and adorable children.
Anything you need, let me know!

Anonymous said...

She's right about your mighty might. Tell Sienna thank you for helping me to not worry.


Mandee said...

I think that it the sweetest thing I have ever read. What a bright and articulate little girl.

Anonymous said...

she's quite the poet, that was adorable! scott and I are keeping you and your family in our prayers. in fact, ty keeps asking me who shelby is and why she's sick every night. :) you're a pretty awesome trooper, thanks for being such a good example.

Andrea Stroud said...

There was a prayer said last night that didn't have your name in it like every single one of them have had for the last few weeks. When it was over, Max urgently said....Wait, we forgot to bless Shelby. We are ALWAYS thinking of you - can't wait to get there to help more! And I wish I had some talent that would help you right now like everyone else. I'll work on it and hopefully not cut off my fingers before I get there.