Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thank you! and you! and you!

I'm way overdue and sure i'll forget somebody. Please please forgive me! I just want to drop a note to thank everyone who has done and sent so much already. My kids think cancer is like christmas... and it is in a way... you get a big feeling in your chest. Your heart gets all tender.... people send you things that make you cry.... and you fill your body with all sorts of poison hoping to get rid of it come the new year... anyway, so here are some thanks:

I want to thank melanie for this blog, for helping to pay to get jaymee out to az so he could bring me to the hospital in st. louis, for my willow tree figures of the two sisters spooning in a gurney, for the journals for my daughters and tha card that sings,"i'll give a little biiit, i'll give a little biiiitt of my love to you..."

I have to thank Bazzill Basics Paper for giving me all this time off PAID and taking that biggest worry from my mind. THey are too generous and I WILL make it up to them. Too generous. Also, thanks for the big fruit flowers that my family didn't save for me at all.

Brittany sent me all the books on my shelfari wish list. As soon as i feel good enough to read, it's bye bye world!

In true christmas fashion, Lexi sent fun toys to all my kids (including jaymee) and magazines, candy, and a beautiful pink wig to me. SHe also sent me a willow tree figure of a girl standing in washingston wishing with all her big heart she could be here.

Tami sent me the biggest box of delicious. After the kids finally go to bed at night, it's old "office" epsodes and candy candy candy.

My Aunt Nicki who is at this very time over coming her own horrible cancer (in her tongue!!! much worse than mine!) sent me the world's softest blanket which i take everywhere i go. I took it to chemo yesterday, Ahhhh! So soft. She also sent me socks and chicken broth and lip balm, etc. It really made me cry.

I got another quilt yesterday from my sweet cousin Laura that I wouldn't take to chemo even though she wants me to. It is too beautiful. NOBODY TOUCH IT! It is a treasure. Thanks so much Laura.

Jeanette Stanley came to see me in the hospital and brought beautiful flowers. She also made the best chicken pot pie we had ever had. It is SO GOOD. Wish for a tragedy in your family so you can get a piece of that!

thank you benhams for the sweet willow tree figure "wished we still lived in o fallon". Those willow tree guys think of everything!

I've gotten delicious dinners from the Woodburys, the Macdonalds, the Cimas and many more that i don't know about because i was in the hospital. The Castillos, Hartsells, Cimas, Corbridges, Youngs, Bennions and many more have taken my kids and I am so grateful.

Finally, my mom is the first of the help parade to fly out here and take care of every little thing. I have a busy busy household. Mason is nuts and Preslie is one. Mom, who hates to fly, jumped on a plane and came over and took over everything so i can lay in bed all day. She plays with my kids and makes all the food and does all the laundry and pets all the cat. She hasn't asked for one minute to herself and has kept strong when having to deal with her favorite child having cancer. She hasn't had any good experiences with cancer and I know she has been scared and sad. She is such an awesome lady and I couldn't be more proud to be her daughter. I love her with all my heart.

I am truly sorry for the many people I have left out. I have cancer. (can i use that?) I have never felt so loved or blessed or taken care of in all my life. So many families get hit with something like this and they are overcome with worldy cares on top of the disease itself. What a huge miracle it is that I only have to worry about getting better and that all of my other cares are taken care of. I love you all and hope that Heavenly Father poors buckets of blessings on all of your heads!!!

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Karen said...

Comfort those who stand in need of comfort! What wonderful blessings from work, to family, to friends. It's heartwarming to see so many people rally around you and your family. I'll be buying Bazzill products as a way to say thanks to them too. That indeed is a very generous offering. Love you guys!